Whilst players must always remain free to move clubs and Counties, the following Code of Conduct must at all times be observed.

  1. A player should consider it his duty if he intends to change clubs or Counties and regardless of the time of the season, to advise his present club or County IMMEDIATELY of his intention and must do so in writing to the Secretary of his present club or County.

  2. The player MUST ensure that all subscription, penalties and dues are paid to the date of leaving his present club or County.

    1. The club or County to which he intends to move must ensure that the player has given written notice to his present club or County of his intention to move, that the player is not under ban or suspension and that all subscriptions, penalties and dues are paid. The new club or County should obtain a statement to the above effect from the Secretary of the player's present club or County.

    2. Any ban or suspensioon any player shall remain in full force and effect regardless of the player's change of club or county.

    3. In the event of there being any dispute between the clubs or Counties with regard to any ban or suspension of any player, this shall be referred to MRHA Council as arbitrator whose decision shall be final and, until such desicion is made, the ban or suspension shall continue in full force and effect.

    4. If any player, whilst under ban or suspension, plays for another club or County then MRHA Council shall impose on the player and the club or County for whom he plays such penalty as they may see fit, including a further ban or suspension on the player and the deduction of any League points from a club.

  3. No representative of any club or County should approach a member of another club or County suggesting or requesting that a player should move. Parents and young players often ask advice from Managers and Coaches. Such advice should be given in a professional manner in line with the Codes of Ethics and Conduct of the Britrishj Institute of Sports Coaches.

  4. The above code in no way affects Rule 9 of the MRHA League Rulles relating to the transfer of players with which all League clubs and players must comply.

  5. Unless a change of club or County is dictated by a geographical move by a player, he should remember that loyalty to his club or County is a matter which should be considered most carefully before moving club or County.