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Transfer Form Part A

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(1st Team, 2nd Team, 3rd Team, and Central Leagues)

To comply with League Rules, Part A must be completed by the player and the specified officials of the club to whom the player
wishes to transfer - and then sent to the League Transfers Secretary.

      C.D.Ashton 153 Forest Road, Loughborough, Leics LE11 3HS
The form MUST be accompanied by the Transfer Administration Fee of five pounds, payable to 'Midland Region Hockey Association'.
Part B (separate sheet) must be sent to the player's former club who must, within ten days, complete and forward it to the League Transfers Secretary.

On receiving Parts A and B, the League Transfers Secretary will complete and return to the player's new club, Part C thus completing the transfer.
If Part C, signed by the League Transfers Secretary, has not been received by the club completing part A within 14 days, they may apply
to the League Transfers Secretary for the transfer to be authorised directly.

No player may play in ANY league match for a new league club unless that club has received authority from the League Transfers Secretary. Such authority will NOT be given before the receipt of the Transfer Administration Fee  

Part A (to be completed by the player and his new club)

I, ___________________________________ (full name in BLOCK capitals)

formerly of ____________________________ Hockey Club, wish to transfer

and play League hockey for_____________________________Hockey Club.

I have read the MRHA Code of Conduct for transfers and have complied with my obligations to my former club.
I enclose my Transfer Administration Fee of five pounds payable to 'Midland Region Hockey Association'
[     -     ] Please Tick here to confirm
          * * * * ALL SECTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED * * * *
(Player)   ______________________________________
Contact details
(Phone/email)   _________________________________

This club has followed the MRHA Code of Conduct in respect of this transfer
(Captain / Officer) ____________________________
(Secretary / Officer _______________________________
Please PRINT and DATE these fields:
...please specify...)


Part C (to be completed by the League Transfers Secretary)

I confirm that _________________________________ is qualified to play in League matches

for ________________________ Hockey Club with effect from ______ / ________ / _______
Received with thanks the sum of five pounds on behalf of 'Midland Region Hockey Association'
(League Transfer Secretary)   _________________________________