1.       TITLE

          The Association shall be called the “Midland Region Hockey Association” (hereinafter referred to as “The Association” or MRHA) and shall, subject to any overriding powers of the English Hockey Association (EHA) of which it is a Constituent Body, be the governing body for all hockey within the Midland Region.



          These shall be to:-

2.1.                promote, encourage and extend hockey for adults and young people in

                        clubs and schools;

2.2.                arrange such Leagues and other Competitions as may be approved by the


          2.3.        select and train squads of players to represent the Midland Region;

2.3.                organise umpiring and umpire coach education and improve standards of


2.4.                organise coaching and coach education and improve standards of coaching and


          2.6.        support clubs and schools seeking to improve playing facilities;

          2.7.        raise funds by any means approved by the Council.



3.1 The following County Associations, each of which shall abide by and be bound by this Constitution, shall be the Constituent Bodies of MRHA. Except where stated below, each shall encompass men's, women's and mixed hockey.  

               3.1.1.            Bedfordshire (women)

               3.1.2.            Derbyshire

               3.1.3.            Leicestershire & Rutland

               3.1.4.            Northamptonshire

               3.1.5.            Nottinghamshire

               3.1.6.            Shropshire

               3.1.7.            Staffordshire

               3.1.8             Warwickshire

               3.1.9             Worcestershire


3.2                The boundaries of the County Associations referred to in 3.1 shall be those pertaining on 31st May 1997.


3.3                A County within the boundaries of The Association obtaining on 31st May 1997                                             

                        and having a minimum of three affiliated clubs may apply to MRHA  for

                        permission to form an association. The National Council of the EHA, in                                  

                        conjunction with MRHA, have the right to confer or withdraw County status.     


3.4                  Only with the prior approval of MRHA Council and of EHA National Council,

              shall any association of leagues, clubs, schools or umpires within MRHA be


3.5.                The Midland Region Hockey Umpires Association (MRHUA) shall be a

                        Constituent Body of the MRHA.


          3.6         Duties of Constituent Bodies:-

3.6.1.                        to hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on a date prior to the MRHA


3.6.2.                        by the date(s) set by Council each year, to submit to the Secretary of


                         any nominations for Officers of MRHA;

                         any proposals for the AGM (Clause 5.1.5);


               3.6.3.            each year on a specified date, to submit to the Secretary of MRHA:-                      names and addresses of its Officers and Officials for the

                                                subsequent  season;

                         names and addresses of its Representatives to the Council and to

                                                the Committees (Clauses

3.6.4.                     to inform immediately the Secretary of MRHA of any changes of their

                    affiliated clubs;

               3.6.5.            to collect from each of its members, any relevant affiliation fees.


          3.7.        No association or combination of clubs shall be formed in the Midland Region

                        without sanction of the Council of the Association.


3.8.                Every constituent body shall submit their rules and any alteration that may

              hereafter be made to the Council of the Association for approval and comments

              and for transmission to the Council of the EHA.



4.1                  FULL MEMBERSHIP, which shall be the only category of membership available

              to clubs and schools, shall be by affiliation to the relevant County Association, to

              MRHA  and to the EHA.      

                        All affiliated clubs and schools shall abide by and be bound by this Constitution.


                        A bona-fide member of any affiliated County Association, Umpires Association,

                        club or school shall be deemed to be a member of MRHA.


               4.1.1 Clubs: club shall normally affiliate only through the County Association

                   within whose boundaries it is situated;                      no County Association may accept  affiliation of a club, which is

                        situated geographically outside the MRHA, except with the  prior

                        approval of Council; club, or the men’s or women’s sections of a club, may

                                                continue to affiliate through the County Association of which it was

                                                a member on 31st May 1997; a club moves to a ground within the boundaries of another

                        County, it may continue to affiliate through the County of which it

                                                was formerly a member.;

                          at the discretion of Council, occasional clubs with no

                                                direct County  links may affiliate directly to MRHA; club shall be accepted as a member unless its name clearly

                        distinguishes it from any other club already affiliated; club shall change its name, nor incorporate any part of the

                        names of a sponsor in its title without prior permission of the  EHA. the prior permission of the Councils of the MRHA and the

                        EHA, no affiliated club shall play a club not affiliated, unless the

                        opposition is an invitation team raised for a specific event.


                        4.1.2   Schools:

                                    A school shall normally affiliate through the County Association within

                                    whose boundaries its building or ground is situated. If, however, the

                                    school moves, or the location of its ground is changed, it may continue to

                                    affiliate through the County Association of which it was formerly a

                                    member. (E.H.A. Rule


4.2.On application from the club or school concerned, the Councils of MRHA

                and EHA may, after consultation with the relevant County Associations,

                permit a club or school to affiliate through any County Association.



               4.3    Individual Special Membership

                        The Council of the Association may create and confer such special categories of

                        membership as it may see fit and will determine the rights and privileges

                        conferred by   such membership.




          5.1         ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

               5.1.1             The AGM shall be held each year in May at a venue to be decided by the



               5.1.2             Notice of the AGM, together with a copy of the Agenda; a list of

                                    nominations for Officers as defined in Clauses 7.1; shall be sent to                             

                                    members of Council, each affiliated club and  school at least 21 days

                                    before the date of the meeting.

                                    The annual accounts, certified by the scrutineer, shall be laid before the



               5.1.3 Business to be transacted:-

                         presentation of reports and accounts;

                         election of Officers;

                         appointment of a Financial Scrutineer;

                         amendments to the Constitution;

                         determination of affiliation fees; 

                           any other business of which due notice has been given.



5.1.4                          Except for those alterations arising from decisions which the Council is

                                    empowered to make, no clause of the Constitution shall be amended, nor

                                    shall any resolution passed at a previous AGM be rescinded, save by a

                                    resolution, notice of which shall be given on the Agenda, carried by an

                                    affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of those present, entitled to vote and



5.1.5                         Any resolution or nomination for Officers for submission to the AGM shall,

                      unless proposed by the Council, be submitted in writing by a County

                      Association to the Secretary not less than six weeks before that meeting.      


5.1.6                          Subject to the provisions of Clause 5.1.4 and Clause 6, all business at the

                      AGM shall be transacted by a simple majority of those present, entitled to

                                    vote and voting.


5.1.7                          The incumbent President shall be the Chairman. In the absence of the

                      President, one of the Vice-Presidents shall take the Chair. In the absence

                      of the President and both Vice-Presidents, the meeting shall elect a

                      member of Council to Chair the meeting.


               5.1.8             The following shall be entitled to vote:-

                         The Officers and other voting members of Council;

                          Life Members;

                           Two representatives from each Constituent Body, except

                                                Bedfordshire (women) who shall have one representative. member from each affiliated club, one schools representative

                        from each County; member may cast more than one vote, other than the Chairman

                        who shall also have a casting vote.


5.1.9                       Any other member of a Constituent Body or of an affiliated club or school

                    may attend an AGM, but shall not, unless by permission of the Chairman,

                    take part in the proceedings.


5.1.10                  Twenty-five members present, and entitled to vote, shall be a quorum.



               5.2.1. The Secretary shall convene a Special General Meeting at any time:-

                          by order of the Council.

                          by order of the Officers.                      upon receiving a requisition signed by the President and Secretary

                                                 of at least two Constituent Bodies. Every requisition shall state

                                                clearly the reason.

5.2.2.                        A  meeting called under 5.2.1. shall be held within six weeks  of the

                                    receipt of the requisition.

5.2.3.                        Fourteen days notice of a Special General Meeting and of all resolutions

                                    to be proposed thereat, shall be given to each member, as defined in

                                    Clause 5.1.2. No other business shall be transacted.

5.2.4.                        The provisions of Clause 5.1.4. and Clauses 5.1.6. to 5.1.10.inclusive,

                      shall apply to a Special General Meeting.




          A resolution to dissolve The Association shall be put to a General Meeting and shall be passed only by the affirmative vote of at least three-quarters of those entitled to vote and voting.  If it so decides, Council shall have power to order a postal ballot to be concluded on a prescribed date prior to the General Meeting.


          If the resolution is carried, the Council shall realise the assets of the Association and shall make provision for and discharge The Association's liabilities.  The remaining assets at the date of dissolution shall be distributed in such manner as shall be determined by a General Meeting or, if such a meeting so decides, by the Council.



         7.1          The Officers shall be the

              7.1.1             President,

7.1.2                          Two Vice -Presidents (of whom one shall be a man and one shall

                                    be a woman ),

              7.1.3             Secretary.

              7.1.4.            Treasurer.

              7.1.5             The Officers shall be ex-officio non voting members of all



7.2                    The Officers shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting and take office at

               the end of that meeting.


         7.3          The President normally shall hold office for a maximum of two consecutive years.

                        The Officers shall be eligible for re-election annually.


7.3                    Nominations for Officers may be made by the Council, a Constituent Body,

               an affiliated club. New nominations shall be submitted in writing to reach the  

               Secretary by 1st March and shall include the written consent of the nominee.             

               Nominations made by a club shall be seconded by another affiliated club or by

                        the County Association through which the club is affiliated.


7.4                    If an Officer does not complete the term of office, the Council may fill the

               vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting.


8      FINANCE        

8.1                    The Treasurer shall deal with the assets of MRHA in such manner as Council

               or a General Meeting may from time to time direct.

              8.1.1.            The financial policies of MRHA shall be determined by the Council.

8.1.2.                        The income of MRHA shall be derived from the affiliation fees and

                      subscriptions of members and, subject to approval of the Council, from          

                      any other appropriate source. Such income shall be used for the         

                      furtherance of the aims and objects of  MRHA  (Clause 2),

                                    and for such other purposes as a General Meeting or the Council may




              8.2     AFFILIATION FEES shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting.




         The Association shall be governed by a Council.  The Council may, however,

         delegate to a Committee or to an appointed person.


         9.1          Membership

              9.1.1.            The Council shall consist of:-

                          The President, who shall be Chairman;

                          The Officers.

                          The Immediate Past President.

                          The Chairman of Committees or their representative.

                          The Regional Discipline Administrator [RDA] or Deputy [DRDA]            Two representatives from each Constituent Body, except Bedfordshire [Women] who shall have only one representative.

                          The MRHA representative(s) to National Council.

              9.1.2.            Council shall have the power to co-opt a maximum of three persons who        

                                    shall have power to vote.

9.1.3.                        If the President is unable to attend a meeting, one of the Vice Presidents       

                      shall take the Chair.  In the absence of the President and both

                      Vice Presidents, the voting members shall appoint one of their number to      

                      Chair that meeting.

9.2.                 Voting : Each member present shall have one vote, other than the Chairman,

                 who shall also have a casting vote. Decisions shall be by a majority.

         9.3          Quorum: Twelve voting members shall form a quorum.

9.4                    Invited Persons: The Council may invite any person for all or part of any      

                meeting.  Such persons shall not be entitled to vote.

9.5                    Frequency of Meeting: The Council shall meet at least three times in each

               Association year.

9.6                    Agenda: Notice of any matter which any member of the Council wishes to be

               included on the Agenda for any meeting shall be received by the Secretary

               at least 21 days before the date of the meeting concerned.

         9.7          Business to be transacted

              The Council shall:-

              9.7.1 prescribe the policies of the MRHA ;

              9.7.2 be responsible for the long term plans and budgets;

              9.7.3 determine Committees, their terms of reference, receive and consider their reports .

              9.7.4 appoint the Chairman and members of Committees.

9.7.5  appoint the Regional Discipline Administrator [RDA] and the Deputy Regional Discipline Administrator [DRDA] who shall

          administer the Regulations for the Enforcement of Discipline.

9.7.6  make nominations for the appointed members of EHA Committees and appoint the representatives to the EHA Council and  


              9.7.7 take any other action which it may deem necessary.

         9.8          In an emergency, decisions may be made by the Officers and reported to Council.

9.9.                  The proceedings of Council and Committee meetings shall not be invalidated by

                        any failure to elect, or by any default in the election, nomination, co-option or

                        qualification of any member thereof.



10.1               The Committees shall be determined by Council and  appointed annually.


         10.2        General Terms of Reference for Committees

              Each Committee shall:

              10.2.1           be responsible to Council;

              10.2.2           act on terms of reference prescribed by Council;

              10.2.3           present  written reports to Council;

10.2.4                     make recommendations to Council on any matter within its terms of

                                    reference and deal    with any matters referred to it by Council;

              10.2.5           recommend any changes of policy to the Council;

10.2.5                     incur no expenditure outside the annual budget without the

                                    approval of the Treasurer;

10.2.6                     liaise with other appropriate committees and have the power to

                      appoint any sub-committee approved by Council.



11.1.             The disciplinary measures, in particular the regulations of the EHA for the

               enforcement of discipline, shall apply.

         11.2        The RDA or, if the RDA is unavailable, the DRDA, shall:

11.2.1.                   administer any disciplinary regulations which may from time to time    

                       be laid down by EHA or MRHA;

11.2.2.                   if required by a disciplinary code, or by Council, or as otherwise

                      necessary, convene a Disciplinary Panel;

11.2.3                     A Disciplinary Panel shall comprise the RDA or DRDA and two

                      members of Council appointed by the President or Vice President.     

                      It may be required to hear a new case or an appeal.



         The Association shall indemnify each of its Officers and officials against any claim      

         which may arise from any action taken with the authority of MRHA.


         For the purpose of this Clause an 'official' shall be deemed to be:

         12.1.       any member of the Association serving on any committee or subcommittee

                        of MRHA;

         12.2.       any person appointed by and acting on behalf of MRHA.



         The Council shall determine any question on the interpretation of the Constitution and

         anything relative to MRHA not covered by it.  Council’s decision shall be final.



President.......................................................           Secretary.........................................

              M.H. Gotheridge                                                   L.E.Alcock,





            10.3    The Committee Secretary shall:-

              10.4.1                       arrange the meetings of the Committee;

              10.4.2                       prepare Agenda and circulate to members of the Committee;

              10.4.3                       record the minutes of the meeting and circulate to members of the Committee;

              10.4.3           prepare and present reports from the Committee for meetings of the Council and for the Annual General Meeting;

              10.4.4           prepare the annual budget for the Committee for ratification by the Council;

              10.4.5                      undertake any other tasks required by the Committee.


         10.5        Nominations for the members, appointed by Council may be made by the Council, a County Association or an affiliated club.  Nominations shall be submitted in writing to reach the Secretary of The Association by 1st March and shall include the written consent of the nominee.  Nominations made by a club shall be seconded by another affiliated club or by the County through which the club is affiliated.


         10.6        Each County Association as defined in Clause 3.1., shall appoint its representatives to the Coaching, Umpiring [query -should umpiring be in this?] and Youth Committees.  The names shall be submitted to the Hon. Secretary of The Association by 15th May.

              If the nominated representative from a County Association is unable to attend a meeting, the County concerned may appoint a deputy who shall be entitled to vote.


         10.7        The President, Secretary and Finance Officer of mrha shall be ex-officio members of all Committees but shall not be entitled to vote in this capacity.

(suggest The Officers shall be ex-officio - non voting memebrs of all committees.]

         10.8        Voting:  Each member of a Committee shall have one vote, other than the Chairman who shall also have a casting vote.  Decisions shall be made by a simple majority.


         10.9        Invited Persons:  Each Committee may invite Regional Academy staff or any other person for all or part of any of its meetings.  Such persons shall not be entitled to vote.