Midland Regional Hockey League

Will all clubs please note the following formal fixture rearragements - 2017/18

University fixtures and University vacations

The League Committee has decided that where a university term ends on a Friday their teams MUST
be available to play league fixtures scheduled for the following day (Saturday) and for any rearranged fixtures
scheduled for the day after that (Sunday). Failure to comply will result in these fixtures being awarded 3-0
to their opponents and a minimum of 3 points will be deducted.   The League Committee may also consider
imposing fines or take further action against Clubs not honouring these mandatory fixture dates.
All fixtures in the 1st XI Midlands Premier Division will start two weeks earlier than the rest of the league.
They will play the first half of their season from 23rd September 2017   to   2nd December 2017.
This will be achieved by moving games originally scheduled for December to the start of the programme. The 1st XI MP rearrangement dates for Sept 23, 30 will be Oct 8 / Oct 15 resp. - and for Nov 25, Dec 2 will be Dec 3 / Jan 7.
This is due to the probable involvement of both teams and MRHUA Umpires in indoor hockey in December.
          Rescheduled University Fixtures for 2017/18 season.

                16 December 2017  moved to 29 October 2017
                1st EMP  Notts Trent Uni    v  Panthers

                2nd MP   Notts Uni          v  Uni Birmingham
                3rd MP   Uni Birmingham     v  Olton WW
                Cen MP   Notts Uni 4        v  Uni Birmingham 4
                Cen MP   Uni Birmingham 5   v  West Bridgford 4
                1st M1   Warwick Uni        v  Sutton Coldfield
                2nd MP   Rugby & EW         v  Warwick Uni
                3rd M1   Warwick Uni        v  Sutton Coldfield
                Cen EMP  Sutton Coldfield 4 v  Warwick Uni 4

                13 January 2018  moved to  28 January 2018
                2nd MP   Nottingham Uni     v  L'boro Town
                3rd MP   L'boro Town        v  Nottingham Uni
                Cen MP   Nottingham Uni 4   v  Beeston 4
                24 March 2018    moved to  11 Febuary 2018
                1st M1   Sutton Coldfield   v  Warwick Uni
                2nd MP   Warwick Uni        v  Rugby & EW 
                3rd M1   Sutton Coldfield   v  Warwick Uni
                Cen EMP  Warwick Uni 4      v  Sutton Coldfield 4
                2nd MP   L'boro Students    v  L'boro Town
                3rd MP   Nottingham Uni     v  L'boro Students
                Cen MP   L'boro Students 4  v  Beeston 5
                Cen MP   Beeston 4          v  L'boro Students 5

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