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MRHA Central League
27 January 2018 --- Results Summary

Midlands Premier
Nottingham University 4P    Loughborough Students 4P
University of Birmingham 4P    Beeston 4P
Loughborough Students 5P    Loughborough Town 4P
Beeston 5P    University of Birmingham 5P
West Bridgford 4P    Rugby & East Warwickshire 4P

East Midlands Premier
Sutton Coldfield 4P    Beeston 6P
Boots 4P    Warwick University 4P
Belper 4P    Leek 4P
Rugby & East Warwickshire 5P    West Bridgford 5P
Derwent 4P    Northampton Saints(Dav) 4P

North East 1
Boots 5P    Derby 4P
Nottingham Players 4P    West Bridgford 7P
Belper 6P    Nottingham 4P
North Notts 4P    Boots 6P
Nottingham 5P    Belper 5P

South East 1
Burton 4P    Sutton Coldfield 7P
Coalville 4P    Burton 5P
Loughborough Town 5P    Leicester 4P
Rugby & East Warwickshire 6P    Northampton Saints 5P
Northampton Saints 6P    Rugby & East Warwickshire 7P

North East 2
West Bridgford 10P    Boots 7P
Buxton 4P    Chesterfield 4P
Derwent 5P    West Bridgford 9P
Derby 5P    North Notts 5P
Mansfield 4P    Belper 7P

South East 2
Barton 4P    Hampton-in-Arden 5P
Hampton-in-Arden 6P    Beta - South East 2P
Beeston 7P    Ashby 4P
Old Silhillians 5P    Northampton Saints 7P
Burton 6P    Coalville 5P

West Midlands Premier
Harborne 5P    Edgbaston 5P
Edgbaston 4P    Harborne 4P
Worcester 4P    Cannock 4P
Olton & West Warwick 4P    Warwick 4P
Old Halesonians 4P    Barford Tigers 4P

North West 1
Bridgnorth 4P    Finchfield 4P
North Stafford 4P    Bridgnorth 5P
Shrewsbury 4P    Cannock 5P
Old Wulfrunians 4P    Sutton Coldfield 5P
Lichfield 6P    Bridgnorth 6P

South West 1
Sutton Coldfield 6P    Edgbaston 6P
Stourport 4P    Warwick 5P
Stratford 4P    Worcester 7P
Worcester 6P    Old Silhillians 4P
Edgbaston 7P    Bromsgrove 4P

North West 2
Sutton Coldfield 8P    Stone 4P
Stafford 4P    Old Wulfrunians 5P
Lichfield 7P    Telford & Wrekin 4P
Old Wulfrunians 6P    Stafford 5P
Stone 5P    Finchfield 5P

South West 2
Edgbaston 8P    Stratford 5P
Redditch 4P    Olton & West Warwick 5P
Olton & West Warwick 6P    Old Halesonians 5P
Bromsgrove 5P    Worcester 8P
Stratford 6P    Bournville 4P


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